Final Video

I chose to do something different than just a self introduction video for my final video project. I decided to do my video on bowling. Over the years bowling has become a big part of my life. From our family trips to the bowling alley growing up, to my first time bowling league when I was 16, and to present day of bowling in tournaments with my family and friends. It has become much more than just a sport to me, but more so an out let for me and will be one thing that I plan on doing for most of my life!


Shots List:

0:00   Opening, music starts, and  title slide fades in with lights on the pins lighting up in the background.

0:04   Music quiets and fades into interview with myself talking about bowling standing on the left side of the screen.

0:10   Music come back in and shot fades into a pan left of all the lanes.

0:17   (Music continues) Fades into a pan up. Starting at the foal line up to the pins

0:24   (Music continues) Transitions to me starting my approach

0:28   (Music continues) Fades into a view of the lane from the left side.

0:34   (Music continues) Transitions to right view of the lane and a scrolling title from the right side.

0:40   (Music continues) Transition into shot from the back right of the approach.

0:47   (Music continues) Fades into a slow-motion shot from the right side of the lane.

1:02   Music fades out and interview with me standing on the left side of the screen.

1:26   Cuts to black and the music starts back up.

1:27   (Music continues) Image of score flies in.

1:30   (Music continues) Rolling credits from bottom to the top.

1:39   End

Gear Used:

I used an iPad with a corded microphone and a mini adjustable tripod to film everything. I used the Adobe Premier Pro application on the  iMac computer.


The music that I used I got from the Its called “After the Beginning” All right reserved.

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